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Sac02 Spawn Jar

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This Polypropylene Plastic Jar is produced by Sac02, a Belgian company who is one of the world leader in filtered growing containers. This container is specifically designed for mycology, and allows optimal gas exchange for colonizing (spawning) mushroom mycelium.

This container is also fully autoclavable, meaning it can withstand several cycles in a pressure cooker without warping or deforming (up to 7 cycles). The 0.2 micron filter strip in the jar lid is thicker than a standard 0.2um filter, and this thicker design has been patented by Sac02.

This jar will effectively prevent contamination, and provide optimal gas exchange, which results in exceptionally fast colonization (Spores Lab can colonize one of these jars in under 5 days)

This jar is sold pre-filled with 350 grams of certified organic rye grain berries - the best medium for spawning mushrooms, OR just as an empty jar. Select the option that you would like from the drop down menu above.

*If purchasing with grain, the grain in this jar is UN-STERILIZED and UN-HYDRATED*


350g of Locally Sourced, Certified Organic, Non-Fungicide Canadian Rye Grain Berries (optional)

Sac02 1L Polypropylene plastic container


Follow our tutorials for step-by-step instructions on how to hydrate and sterilize the medium in this spawn jar.


Container Dimensions - 15cm (high) x 12cm x 12cm

Total Weight (with grain) - 450 grams

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