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We are

Mushroom lovers

We have

Over a decade of mycology experience

We want

to help you grow

Pacific Northwest Mycology is a collective of Gourmet and Medicinal Mushroom Cultivators with over a decade of Mycology experience. We are elated to be able to share the multitude of benefits provided by fungi with you through our line of mushroom grow kits, and high-quality mushroom products. 


Our profound love for Fungi and all of the benefits associated with them began long before we owned and operated our mushroom farms. We offer a range of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms, mushroom supplements, and mushroom grow kits. We have also curated a wealth of information, advice and step-by-step tutorials (available to our site members) that have empowered thousands all over Canada to live more sustainably, self-sufficiently, and environmentally consciously by growing their own mushrooms. 

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