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Pre-poured "Blank" Agar Petri-dishes

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Do you want to explore working with agar for culture isolation or propagation, but don't have a lab to prepare agar in?

Pacific Northwest Mycology offers "blank" pre-poured and sealed Agar Petri Dishes which can be inoculated with the mushroom strain/specie of your choice!

These agar dishes are made using our tried and tested MYCO-GRO Agar Formula, sterilized, poured into a 100x15mm petri-dish, and sealed with Parafilm PM992 tape.


5x Blank Agar Petri dishes (100x15mm)


Leave agar Petri dishes in vacuum seal packaging until you are ready to use.

Store in refrigerator until ready to use.

Use within 3 months of receiving.


MYCO-PRO Agar Formula (DME, Bacteriological Grade Agar, Insect Frass, Vegetable Peptones, Gypsum, Milled Rye Grains).

Wrapped in Parafilm PM992 tape.

Five 100x15mm Petri Dishes.

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