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Insect Frass

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Insect Frass can be used as an additive to Liquid Cultures, Agar Petri Dishes, and Spawn mediums to promote vigorous, aggresive mycelial growth of "dung-loving" mushroom species.

Insect Frass provides a plethora of nutrients, minerals, and microogranisms which aid the health of mycelial cultures. Pacific Northwest Mycology adds insect frass to our in-house Liquid Cultures, Agar Petri dishes, and spawn medium, with excellent results.

We highly recommend trying out this product!


Add 1 gram of Insect Frass to a 1000mL Liquid Culture recipe

Add 5 grams of Insect Frass to a 1000mL Agar Petri Dish recipe (enough for ~ 40 agar Petri dishes)

Add 10 grams of Insect Frass for every 2.5kg of spawn medium (add insect frass to the water while the medium is soaking)


Soldier Fly Excrement (frass)


Container Dimensions - 9 x 9 x 9.5cm

Weight - 454 grams (1lb)

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