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Oyster Mushroom Fruiting Block Grow Kit

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Are you looking for the absolute fastest and easiest way to get started growing Oyster mushrooms? If so, the Pacific Northwest Mycology Oyster Mushroom Fruiting block grow kit is the product for you!

This grow kit contains absolutely everything you need to begin growing your own mushrooms at home!

Use this mushroom grow kit in conjunction with our mushroom growing tutorials to make the mushroom growing process as simple as possible! This grow kit also comes with a detailed 10 page instruction manual (emailed after checkout)

The Mushroom Spawn in this kit is ready to be mixed with a fruiting medium as soon as you receive it! (see our tutorials or the manual received by email for instruction on this)

This product is sold fully colonized, when you receive it simply cut a slit in the bag and provide the culture proper environmental conditions by exposing to ambient light and raising humidity (using the materials provided in the kit). After about 1 week in these conditions mushrooms will begin to grow! (see this page or the manual emailed after checkout for more details on fruiting conditions).


1x Oyster Mushroom Fruiting Block (Yellow, Pink, Blue, Elm, King)

1 kg Humidity Tent

1x Alcohol Swab

Detailed Instruction Manual (downloadable after checkout)

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