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1000mL Stainless Steel Eberbach Container

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Product Details

Eberbach Corporation is an Engineering and Manufacturing company which provides Mixing, Shaking, Blending and Particle Reduction solutions for sample and material preparation for medical and research laboratories.

This product (model #8510) is a fully autoclavable, 1000mL capacity Stainless Steel Blending Container with Stainless Steel Press Fit Lid and Blending Assembly with Stainless Steel Blades.

This product can be used in conjunction with any 1L Waring Brand blender base, to blend an agar culture for use inoculating a Liquid Culture, and a variety of other Laboratory tasks.


Dimensions - 9" High, 4" Diameter

Capacity - 1L (1000mL)

Weight - 4lb

Compatible Blender - Any WARING Brand 1L Blender

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